00 – The beginning


Dear readers and friends,

For over ten years we recommend and help you to organize your vacation in this beautiful island and it is thanks to you that today this blog was born. It’s called “La peppa blanca”, with the hope, but not with the claim, that it becomes a reference point for you to rediscover our Ibiza, the most intimate, full of history, people, places and perfumes; The same I have breathed since my childhood and that raped me and made me fall in love with it. The Ibiza I still see sometimes and that I want to share with you; that one that is palpable but also that you feel with your soul.
Ibiza is an amazing place, where time seems to stand still, where multiculturalism is now at home, where love is in every grain of sand, where even the darkest days are brighter at the end.
Ibiza has it’s own consciousness and it’s timing, because in the space of a year can change, expand, changes your rhythm and lifestyle. That is why our path will be based on discovering, season after season, the transformation of the territory, the hidden beauty, the amazing and sunny December Days with the craziness of Christmas approaching and the desire to get lost in the horizon that never dies .

We begin with the number 00, because ours is a journey without boundaries, imaginative and sometimes picturesque. Visit us, read us, write us, talk to us, we are together in this new adventure to make Exclu Mag as you wish.

It’s our way to don’t loose touch
Enjoy the reading,

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