The best Italian, Spanish and French products delivered directly to your home! Daily deliveries.
You can shop with a simple email, whatsapp message or phone call. All produced by master artisans and prepared in the best tradition, no preservatives and from certified organic farms.

High quality products such as:
– pasta di Gragnano
– pesto di Pra
– tartufi d’Alba
– mozzarella di bufala, fior di latte e burrate fresche (buffalo mozzarella)
– pelati San Marzano (tomato from San Marzano)
– crushed vegetables and seafood
– Puglia extra virgin olive oils cold pressed
– tuna Sardinian top quality
– soppressata (it’s an Italian dry salami. Two principal types are made: a cured dry sausage typical of Basilicata)
– haromatized hand made piadine e crescia
– salami felini e ham di Parma doc
– Parmesan 24 months old
– balsamic vinegars of the highest quality aged 6, 12 and 24 years
…and much more…

And also our wine cellar offers:
– Sassicaia
– Barolo
– Brunello
– Chianti
– Verdicchio
– Greco di Tufo
– Ribolla Gialla
– Riesling
– Pinot grigio
– Picolit
– Sauvignon
– Chablis
– Champagne (selections)
– Soutern
… e more wines

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